Emily has consistently wowed clients and co-workers alike with her capacity to weave creative writing and data-driven marketing into flawless copy. This work is what we describe in my field as a “delicate blend of art and science,” which requires a perfect balance in order to meet an array of criteria for audiences ranging from varied consumer personas to C-Suite executives. Emily applies this balance deftly with relative ease, producing high-value deliverables across a diverse swath of categories, all while exceeding project deadlines, whether standard or rushed. Her work has – in a short period of time – helped drive hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for our clients.
— Kevin Weiss

VP of Growth & Strategy, Amplio Digital

Emily is able to strike a perfect balance of creativity with her writing. From campaign theming, to taglines, to messaging, to something as small as a social post, her copy and tone are exactly what the client is looking for to standout. The work she has done for my clients has all been exceptional. She is very easy to work with, communicates, asks great questions, delivers on time, and always exceeds expectations.
— Dillon McElwaine

Partner, Account Director & Director of Operations, Actualize Marketing

Emily consistently delivers fresh, creative thinking in her writing work. She asks smart questions, always makes sure she has a thorough understanding of a project’s goals, and produces content results that are strategically on-point. What I particularly love is how the way she presents her ideas and thinking so often inspire other directions, and things just snowball into greatness from there. She also has a terrific knack for remembering that’s she’s writing to humans. Her work connects well on an emotional level, whether she’s writing for a library or a Fortune 500 tech company.
— Jessica Emmett

Partner & Account Director, Actualize Marketing

Emily’s got an edgy brilliant mind. She brings a refreshingly poetic voice to projects while keeping it real with her audience. We could always count on Emily to serve up some fresh timely content. Creatives are usually chaotic…but Emily is unusually fabulous and organized. She’s like one of those people you see in rom-coms–intriguingly genius and life-experience rich.
— Danee Chavez

Founder, Danee Co .

Emily is an excellent writer and incredibly creative. She is reliable and always ready to help us. She continuously sends us information relating to our business and she is diligent in ensuring we stay current and focused on our company’s mission. She has been a valuable asset to our business and although she works on a freelance basis, she works as if she is completely invested in our company.
— Germaine Caprio

Company Owner & Designer, Majamas

Emily is easy to work with and an excellent social media content writer. She is a natural marketer and understands the balance between interesting content, engagement and sales. She is always professional, works on her own and her work is always completed on time. My favorite thing about Emily’s work is when I scroll through our clients’ pages and find myself smiling and laughing at the incredibly witty posts and tweets. As a business owner, that is pure joy!
— Kathy Walsh

Owner, Knock Knock Social

Emily has been instrumental in filling our gap of copywriting prowess. She is prompt and easy to work with… she makes a great partner for any content.
— Marshall Hayes

President & CEO, Amplio Digital