Exciting news: I’m pursuing a lifelong dream of opening up my doors to the public to tell them exactly what I think they should do, via my very own YAF advice column.

I can’t wait!

But wait. You might be wondering why you should ask me anything at all, ever. I could be a 5 year old, or a leprechaun, or covered in scales, or just a plain old loser of the worst variety.

Lucky for all of us, I’m not!

What I am: smart, honest, direct, resourceful and caring. For some hard facts, I have written and taught healthy relationship classes, am a Certified Practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie and have participated in a few 12-step programs. I also have a personal and professional history so vast and varied that I can hardly remember it sometimes.

So, write me your questions: advice@youralmostfavorite.com

To all our learnings to come,

<3 YAF