Welcome. Welcome to my new and (if I do say so myself) BEAUTIFUL website. It has been a very fun, organic and easy process thanks to Melissa Lind of Ramshackle Genius. Hit her up for anything and everything web design, photography and graphic design. As Kenny Bania of Seinfeld would say, “She’s the best, Jerry! The best!”

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On the flip side of the coin, (there always is one), this website launch comes at an interesting juncture for me. I’ve been the convivial conductor of this, here, train I call “Your Almost Favorite” for a while now. And I’ve been a full-time employee of my own company, freelancing the fun into life, since April of 2015.

And now, at the beginning of this site’s new life, at the beginning of 2016, less than a year after relocating to New Mexico, I’m really feeling the pressure. It’s mostly a good pressure. But it can be doggedly overwhelming. A daily questioning and reevaluation:

• Do I have enough clients? Too many?
• Do I have enough money coming in?
• What jobs or gigs should I pursue?
• How often should I reach out to clients?
• Should I plan for expansion, or just keep things simple and solo?

And so on and so on… I have always been one to talk to myself, (particularly in accents – British, eastern European, Southern – it’s just better that way), but wow is there a lot of intra-me chatter going on these days. It’s a good thing I’m in the quiet town of Taos.

Regardless, though, I am learning so much. Balance. Time management. Self-discipline. Self-care. Long-term goal creation. Short-term goal-making. Accounting. Taxes.

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And, the biggest lesson of all: patience. I won’t kid you, myself, or my boyfriend (who has been a humbling hero of support, love and forgiveness) – I am so far from “getting” this one. I often send an email out and end up hitting “refresh” every five minutes for hours after, like a kid in the car asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?!”

But whether “Your Almost Favorite” lives on for another two years or another 20 years, I am truly, deeply grateful for the opportunities this venture brings – from the most obvious financial ones to being able to increase business for my clients to working with amazing folks like Melissa Lind to maybe, really, learning patience.

Here’s to the beginning of some things, the deepening of others, and the gratitude for all of it.